Epoxy Floors Dallas


Discover the Beneficial Properties of Epoxy Flooring

When most people hear the word epoxy, they generally think of glue. Epoxy is a form of resin that has superior bonding qualities. Not only does this make it an ideal formula for use as glue, but also a good one for floor coating. Although epoxy flooring might seem like a new concept to most people, it has actually been in use for many years. This type of superior floor coating is often used in showrooms where the surface of the floor is subject to a lot of foot traffic as well as the movement of large items. The epoxy floors Dallas contractors are capable of installing have been the coating of choice for many automobile and furniture showrooms.

Surface Coatings for Commercial Floors

The superior bonding qualities of epoxy not only allows for complete coverage across a large surface, it also allows for a greater degree of durability. Unlike porous surfaces, an epoxy floor resists the effects of staining. Any liquids spilled on its surface can be easily wiped up. This makes the epoxy floors Dallas contractors could install a better solution for areas inside warehouses where liquids such as motor oil frequently leak or spill onto the floor. Epoxy also resists the scuff and scratch marks made by large machines such a fork lifts.

Residential Surface Coating

In addition to the benefits an epoxy floor coating provides to commercial or industrial buildings, it also has advantages for residential areas. This type of surface coating is primarily used to cover the concrete surfaces found in residential basements and garages. In addition to resisting stains, scratches and scuff marks, it makes a smooth surface that is able to be kept clean with simple sweeping and mopping. The epoxy floors Dallas residents could have installed, also come in a broad range of colors.